Chamber Music Festival Stradun Classic

Renowned Croatian clarinetist Marija Pavlović, Artist Director of the annual Stradun Classic chamber music festival, brings to Dubrovnik innovative programs performed by a roster of outstanding international artists with whom she maintains a long-time collaboration.

Each program is conceived with a unique theme, combining beloved chamber works with lesser-known compositions that will bring freshness even to experienced listeners. The repertoire regularly includes pieces by Croatian composers, thereby promoting local culture and identity, with a spirit of international cooperation.




Marija Pavlović, clarinet / Artistic Director Stradun Classic
Gordan Nikolić, violin / Artistic leader Stradun Classic Festival Orchestra
Maria Meerovitch, piano
Daniel Detoni, piano
Tom Owen, oboe
Alja Velkaverh-Roskams, flute
Pieter Nuytten, bassoon
Boštjan Lipovšek, horn
Justus Grimm, violoncello
Celine Flamen, violoncello
Roman Spitzer, viola
Zoran Marković, Double Bass


Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra members:

Đana Kahriman, violin
Mirabai Weismehl Rosenfeld, violin
Šimun Končić, viola
Mihaela Martinović, cello
Stijepo Medo, clarinet
Džemal Cakić, trumpet
Toni Kursar, horn
Karmen Pervitić, cymbals/glockenspiel/ xylophone


Photo by Bruno Bonansea

As Artist-in-Residence of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra since 2018, Marija Pavlović has also created the Stradun Classic Festival Orchestra, which gives the DSO musicians and guests artists the fantastic opportunity to perform side-by-side, led by the legendary concertmaster and artistic leader, Gordan Nikolić. For 20 years, Gordan was the Concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra and is currently the Artistic Leader of the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra. He will be leading the Festival Orchestra as Concertmaster “primus inter pares” in the concert on the 23rd of September, 2023.

Performances take place in the extraordinary setting of the Rector’s Palace, a site included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

translated by Mirabai Weismehl Rosenfeld