International Opera Arias Festival Tino Pattiera

This Festival is named and organized in memory of the world-famous opera singer, tenor Tin Pattier, born in 1890 in Cavtat near Dubrovnik, where he died in 1966. Tino Pattier is a significant and famous name of European and world opera houses of the first half of the 20th century. He was the champion of the Royal Saxon Palace Opera in Dresden and Elan of the Berlin State Opera. Pattiera was a tenor with a specific voice who interpreted the lyrical and dramatic character of the most famous opera works by Meyerbeer, Tchaikovsky, Moussorgsky, Verdi Puccini, Wagner, Strauss, and many others. In addition, he sang with many internationally renowned singers on world stages. Among others, he has performed with: Met Seinemyer, Elisabeth Rethberg, Irma Tewrvani, Nelen Torti, Helena Jung, Mini Nast, Anka Horvat and Fridrich Plaschke, Robert Burg, Fritz Volgestra, Richard Tauber, Max Hirzel, Paul Bochohemler, Kur Schoffler Mayer.


At the age of seventy, in recognition of his twenty-five years of outstanding work in advancing German musical life, the President of the former Federal Republic of Germany granted him a pension and awarded him the Federal Cross of Merit First Class. His first role was Marnico in Verdi’s Troubadour, which he did in March of the 1916 war. Shortly afterward, the roles of Radames in “Aida” and Don Jose in the opera “Carmen” followed. In 1919, he was a guest in Vienna and signed a contract for a series of twenty performances. Tempting invitations and offers also came from the Berlin State Opera. From 1924 to 1929, he was engaged in Berlin and Dresden. In the time interval from 1921 to 1923, Pattiera had an engagement with the Chicago Opera. In the newspapers, it could be read that the great Enrico Caruso got his successor. Pattiera sang equally well lyrical and dramatic tenor roles. He never left the Italian school, but at the same time, he was attracted to certain German operas. In Dresden and Berlin, he sang Bacchus in “Ariadne Auf Naxos,” Erik in “Der Fliegende Hollander”. His daring venture exceeded all expectations. Namely in the 1930-1931 season. Mr. Tino Pattiera sang Tannhauser. Numerous title roles of great operas played by Pattiera on the opera stages of the world testify to the greatness of this exceptional tenor.

Therefore, the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra and its associates are preparing this Festival in memory of this great musician.