W.A. Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik…

For the second concert of “Dubrovnik Musical Spring”, on Friday the 6th of May, DSO String Chamber Ensemble and maestro Uroš Lajovic will present to the audience three notable pieces. 






Among them, you will be able to listen to one of the most popular pieces created by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (A little night music).

This short serenade, composed in 1787, was not published until 1827, long after Mozart’s death. Besides, this serenade is considered as a short one because of the fact that it only lasts 20 minutes, instead of the usual 50 minutes. However, its length doesn’t reduce the quality of the piece, and is truly appreciated for its joyous and light tone.

The purpose of serenades like this one was, and still is, purely to entertain the audience during social occasions. Its breezy and bright melodies allow people to relax and light-up their mood for a moment. 

So don’t hesitate, book your ticket (click here) for Friday’s concert at 9pm and simply enjoy!

Fun fact: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is listed in Mozart’s work for having five movements, but one was lost. Therefore, to this day only four movements remain!